Pet Preventative Care

We ensure your dog or cat’s health throughout their life by performing a thorough examination every year, staying up to date on vaccines, and ensuring your pet receives monthly preventative medications year-round, life-long.

Pet Preventative Care

Pets are living longer and healthier lives than ever, thanks to incredible medical care and vaccine advances over the last few decades. Our veterinarians recommend vaccinating your pet during yearly examinations based on their lifestyle and exposure risk. Learn more about our pet preventative care services by reading on.

Pet Heartworms

Heartworm disease is a potentially fatal disease in dogs and cats. It is caused by foot-long worms (heartworms) that live in the affected pets’ hearts, lungs, and blood vessels, causing severe lung disease, heart failure, and organ damage. Heartworm disease affects dogs, cats, and ferrets, but heartworms can also be found in wolves, coyotes, foxes, sea lions, and, in rare cases, humans. Because wild species such as foxes and coyotes live near many urban areas, they are regarded as essential disease carriers.

Pet Deworming

Deworming your pet is an integral aspect of pet care. While nearly 85% of kittens and puppies are born with parasitic infections, most animals develop immunity over time. However, illness and stress can weaken the body’s response to fight off these parasites and can awaken any dormant larvae living in your pet.

Intestinal parasites affect growth and development and can be transferred between pets and owners. If you think your pet might be suffering from a parasitic infection, we can perform fecal exams to detect microscopic parasite eggs and determine an infection.

Pet Wellness Exams

Pets age faster than humans. While their lives progress more quickly, severe medical conditions do too. Annual pet wellness exams can help detect serious medical conditions and allow our facility to treat them before their status becomes unmanageable. In seeing your veterinarian annually, you can discuss your pet’s future health outlook and ask questions about any existing conditions. Before your pet’s wellness exam, note any severe changes that have occurred with your pet, including vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, weight gain/loss, excessive thirst, or increased aggression. Please inform the veterinarian if your pet is experiencing any of these symptoms or has developed any abnormal behavior since their last wellness exam.

Pet Vaccinations

Vaccines protect cats and dogs from various viral and bacterial infections. Your veterinarian will design a vaccination program for your pet to protect them from diseases common in your area. To fully protect kittens and puppies against infections, they frequently require an initial immunization followed by booster shots.

A proper immunization schedule will ensure that you contribute to your new friend’s health. We also recommend that all dogs and cats receive monthly parasite prevention and have their parasite levels checked twice a year.